How to Organize and Declutter Your Closet for Good

Closet arrangement and decluttering is a challenge even for the tidiest of homeowners. After all, it is natural for clutter to accumulate after years of using the same storage spaces, and it is not easy to stomach the idea of discarding possessions.

For most of us, our closets are packed with miscellaneous belongings that quickly create undue mess. Fortunately, statistics reveal that in Texas, there are 7.74 square feet of self-storage for each person in the state.

There is no shortage of extra space if you want to declutter, so your skill, motivation, and heart matters. The following tips should help you organize and declutter your closet for good:

1. Use the One-In One-Out Strategy

Use the One-In One-Out Strategy

If you keep stuffing your closet with new belongings without discarding old ones, it will inevitably create a mess. The one-in, one-out policy is the best way to go about things; whenever you get yourself something new from around Houston, discard the thing it is replacing.

Yes, it is understandable that not every new item you shop for can replace an older one, but stick to this rule more often than not. After all, if you keep filling a bathtub, it will eventually overflow.

If you come across things that cannot be kept in your closet but cannot be discarded for good either, there is always another way. Consider renting self-storage Houston tx, where you can temporarily stow away things that you would not need often and that can be kept away from home.

2. Select Your Approach to Declutter

Before you begin organizing your closet, you must get rid of the clutter. So, to begin with, decluttering, you should consider whether you can do better if you go all-in or go category by category.

Ideally, if your closet is small, doing it all in one go is practical. Pull out all your belongings, categorize them – separate the jackets from the clothes, put aside the jewelry, and pile the miscellaneous possessions – and then thoroughly review each.

When deciding what can or cannot be discarded, ask yourself, ‘Do I have some time similar or better?’ and ‘How long ago was the last time I used this?’

If you have a walk-in closet or something bigger, there will likely be many sections you have to address. Choose which ones you wish to tackle first, and ensure not to bite off more than you can chew for the day.

3. Don’t Let Sentimentality Override Practicality

Don’t Let Sentimentality Override Practicality

This is perhaps the hardest thing to master. It is difficult to muster the courage to let go of your belongings unless you get the sentiment out of it. You likely have many possessions that are not of practical use but have been sitting in your closet for ages because of the memories they hold.

You aren’t alone; there is such a thing as ‘sentimental clutter.’ Unless necessary, put them at the top of your items-to-discard list. Keep reminding yourself that doing so will yield greater benefits; a study by the University of Connecticut showed that decluttering makes one less anxious, happier, and more confident.

4. Sort Your Clothes by Category

Now that you are done with one thorough deep cleaning of your closet, you can organize what you are left with. If you are an obsessional organizer, you must know the importance of categorizing and sorting.

Go over all your clothes and sort them into piles. These would include such categories as shirts, trousers, dresses, seasonal clothes, accessories, etc.

The more you categorize, the better. It is also a good idea to keep a place where you can store clothes that have been worn but don’t need to be washed yet. This could be a corner of the closet where you can hang them or a basket or bin.

5. Buy Some Organizers for Your Closet

How to Organize and Declutter Your Closet

Are you sure you have utilized every nook and cranny in your closet to its full potential? It may come as a wonder how much you can take advantage of these small spaces with the right tools.

You can add plenty of organizers to your closet; consider installing shelving units in your racks, getting hanging bags and plastic bins, customizing shoe boxes, and adding valet rods to the sides of your shelves.

If these DIY projects and organizers don’t give you as much space as your heart desires, you can always call for a professional closet renovation. If you have money to spare, there is no better way to keep your closet organized.

6. Be Committed to Regular Cleaning

If you leave it at a one-time thorough deep clean, very soon, your closet will go back to looking like it did before. Consistency is key; schedule a weekly sweep of your closet for the best results because the more often you declutter, the easier it will be the next time.

Invest 10-15 minutes weekly to review all your belongings, reorganize them into their categories, put unneeded things into donation boxes, and fold strewn clothes.

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Final Words

If your closet is stocked with clothes you no longer use, has clothes strewn across the base, is jam-packed with unfolded ones, or hasn’t been organized in more than a month, it is about time you give it some attention.

Get rid of unnecessary possessions, don’t let sentimentality interfere, and stick to the one-in, one-out strategy. Also, consider getting some organizers and committing to weekly decluttering. These small efforts will give your closet a speckles look in the long run.

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