9 Best Home Renovation Ideas

Remodeling your home breathes new life into your living area, enhances its market value, and improves the house’s overall curb appeal, especially if you live in cities like Colorado Springs, where the average home price (at $450k) has declined since April. But how do you renovate your home?

Not all home reno ideas are worth your investment. This blog discusses the best home renovation tips for your Colorado home. Let’s explore innovative concepts to make your house more functional.

1. Focus on the exterior

Best Home Renovation Ideas

Improving your house’s curb appeal elevates its market value. You can repaint your door, add landscaping, and clean to walkway to make it look more appealing. Give the house a welcoming façade by placing new accent pieces.

Adding shutters and planters to your window space can also do the job. A well-maintained exterior entices guests and potential buyers.

2. Remodel the bathroom

Focus your remodeling efforts on two key areas of your house, i.e., your kitchen and the bathroom. An average homebuyer will look into these two rooms of your property.

So, upgrade your bathroom by adding new tiles, vanities, and fixtures. Add a walk-in shower or a soaking tub to bathe in your house like royalty. Bathroom renovations make your house appear on top of current home listings in Colorado Springs, the city known for having the nation’s sixth-strongest housing market.

Search the internet for the best Colorado Springs bathroom remodeling company near me and turn your modest bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary. Working with contractors will ensure a smooth and cost-effective remodel.

3. Upgrade the kitchen island

Upgrade the kitchen island

Consider adding a kitchen island to improve the space’s aesthetics. This area can serve as a new gathering spot for your family with extra seating arrangements and a kitchen workspace.

Adding new countertops, cabinetry, and modern appliances would be fantastic if you want to give your kitchen a makeover. Be smart about using the space under the counter by placing a mini-fridge. There are many ways to make your kitchen the focal point of your entire house.

However, kitchen renovations can be expensive and stressful if you try to do them on your own. That’s why you should always hire remodeling contractors for your kitchen.

4. Install energy-efficient features

Many homeowners are making their homes more sustainable to reduce their carbon footprint, enhance their family’s well-being, and increase their properties’ market value.

Data indicates that energy-efficient homes are sold for 2.7% more than normal homes. LED lighting, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient windows are everyone’s go-to options when it comes to making your home eco-friendlier.

You can decrease your power consumption, insulate your house cost-effectively, and reduce your power bills. For extra convenience, integrate smart home technologies into your house, such as voice-activated appliances, smart security systems, and automated blinds.

5. Make the house more spacious

Make the house more spacious

Spacious houses are healthier as there’s less clutter in the area and fewer pollutants. Change the furniture layout to make better use of the available space, and convert your garage into more usable space. Even your attic or basement can transform into an amazing living space with minor renovations.

Moreover, embrace minimalism and put all your useless items in a storage unit. Around 11% of Americans currently own storage facilities. These climate-controlled units keep your clutter and memorabilia safe from dust and damage.

6. Install amazing walk-in wardrobes

Add more space and glamor to your house by adding built-in storage options. Built-in shelving as well as cabinets lead to reduced clutter in the house and make your living space more organized.

Adding walk-in closets to your bedroom adds a touch of elegance to your whole house while making previously unused space more functional. Walk-in wardrobes have become in small apartment settings too. So, it improves your house’s market value by promising a sizeable ROI upon reselling the property.

7. Use the area under the stairs

Use the area under the stairs

Pay attention to the least-used areas in your house to make them more functional. For instance, there is plenty of usable space under the stairs; you can turn them into a proper storage space.

Add a few shelves to show off your book collection. How about placing a little table or mounting a mirror on the wall? Or you can transform it into a closet for coats, shoes, and umbrellas.

8. Adopt an open-living design

Around 90% of buyers want an open floor plan in their ideal house. It enhances your social interactions, gives you an unobstructed view of different parts of the house, and makes it a lot easier to entertain your guests.

You can also let the daylight flow freely throughout the space and showcase your house’s unique design elements more easily. An open floor plan makes your house appear more spacious than it actually is!

9. Make your rooms multipurpose

Your rooms can serve multiple purposes at the same time. As mentioned above, a kitchen island may become a gathering spot for friends and family, and your basement can easily become a man cave for the boys in the house.

Similarly, you can turn a spare room into a guest bedroom and a guest bedroom into a decent home office. The possibilities are endless and your imagination is the only thing stopping you.


This blog takes you through a treasure trove of amazing home renovation ideas to enhance your Colorado Springs home more spacious, comfortable, and functional.

From modernizing your kitchen to remodeling your bathroom – these different ideas make your humble abode a very lucrative asset. Invest wisely and work with reliable contractors.

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