These are the 6 Benefits of Storm Windows

Many people, even those who live in older houses, do not have windshields on the inside or outside of their homes. If you don’t live in an area at risk of severe storms, you may be wondering if you need one.  There are some outstanding benefits from storm windows.

Benefits of Storm Windows

Especially if you live in a historic home with original windows, you may want to consider storm windows because they have other benefits of storm windows.

1. A small voice

Benefits of Storm Windows

Your windows can offer a lot of personality, but they are designed for quieter times. In the decades since the windows were installed, extraterrestrial sounds have changed dramatically. It is possible that a quiet street is now a busy highway leading into the city Centre.

A lot of people want to keep the character window but turn the volume down, especially if they’re in good shape. High-quality windshields are the answer.

Some homeowners may worry that windshields can spoil the aesthetics of their home, but a properly installed windshield can go unnoticed. Also, if noise reduction is your primary purpose, you can always try indoor windshields.

2. Reduce exposure to UV rays

Modern windows may include tinted glass to help reduce UV exposure. The sun’s ultraviolet rays fade wallpaper, carpets, and curtains. In a historic home with original windows and period furniture, it is undesirable for light to spoil the design.

Adding a new storm window will give you the shade the old glass doesn’t have. New storm windows can be treated with a UV protective film.

3. Saving energy

storm window is cost savings

A big advantage of choosing a storm window is cost savings. Older windows do a fairly decent job of preventing crevice winds if properly cared for and maintained. But a single pane of old glass won’t stand much between you and the heat and cold outside.

Older glass introduces the cold more easily with a single sheet of glass, while thinner glass will warm your home faster when the sun sticks through it. Windshields help with the insulation gained from double glazing.

If the glass cracks, wobbles, or breaks, you can replace it without replacing the entire window. Combined with proper weather stripping, glazing, and historic glass management, you can reduce your utility bills between summer and winter.

4. Intrinsic function protection

Although the primary function of a storm window is protection, many historic homeowners do not consider the need to protect the inherent function of older windows.

5. Additional screen

Have you ever opened the windows in early May and let in the warm spring breeze? Have you ever been resentful of having your windows closed because your old windows didn’t have screens to keep bugs out? Many storm windows come with a screen that opens both the inner window and the storm window.

6. Humidity control

storm window reduce the amount of thermal change

Condensation can occur on windows, especially in the case of one window. Water may drip and damage the window frame or sash. Ultimately, the paint and sealant will not work, and the integrity of the window will be compromised by moisture penetration.

The benefits of storm window reduce the amount of thermal change on the actual window surface, reducing the chance of condensation forming on the inside or outside of the original portion of the window.

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