Double-Hung Window Sizes and Configurations

Getting a double-hung window for any kinds of room has become a trend. This window is unique because it has double windows but looks like one when it is closed. Double-hung window sizes and configurations are different, and you can see when one window is open.

This is a good option to choose because this style is timeless. For a house with a high ceiling, this window is decorative while maximizing the air circulation into the house. The size and configuration will depend on the size of the fixed and open window.

What is Double-Hung Window

What is Double-Hung Window

A double-hung window you will find at the market is always the window which has greater height than the width. It looks like a single window, but the opening part has two sashes. The sash can be opened where another is fixed. Each sash also has different sizes and configurations.

This window is ideally hung everywhere, for the tropical or subtropical areas. One of the sashes can be opened while another one is fixed. The configurations of the window help you to determine which size fits the condition of the climate.

A double-hung window is also good for the house with a great height of ceiling since it looks like a vertical window. You can create more than one double-hung window if it is needed to get more air circulation.

Double-hung 1/2 – 1/2

This is the configuration where half of the window can be open while another one is fixed. The top one can go down, and the bottom one can go up. So, the size of the sash is also half of the main window. The window lock sits at the midpoint. This window is made from vinyl.

Double-hung 2/3 – 1/3

double-hung 2-3

The top part of the window is two-thirds size. The bottom is only one-third. This configuration is popular for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens since you do not need to open the window. You can open the bottom one for good circulation in the room.

Double-hung 1/3 – 2/3

Double-hung 1-3

The top window has a one-third configuration. Meanwhile, the bottom window has a two-thirds configuration. This is another style in which the top part is usually opened since it is smaller. The lock can be at the head of the window. Otherwise sits on the sill of the main frame.

Double-hung 3/5 – 2/5

Double-hung size 3

The double-hung window sizes and configurations for this style are three-fifths for the top part and two-fifths for the bottom part. The lock is usually on the two-fifths sash. This style is suggested for a living room and kitchen, so the circulation is optimized.

Double-hung 2/5 – 3/5

Double-Hung Window Sizes and Configurations

A double-hung with 2/5-3/5 means the top sash is two-fifths, and the bottom sash is three-fifths. It is a configuration where the lock sits on the three-fifths. Generally, this window will look big because it can maximize air circulation. It is good for the kitchen and living room.

The double-hung window sizes and configurations above are the options that you can find at the market. The configurations have fixed, but you can customize the size and materials you need for the house. This model is efficient and comfortable for all zones.

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