How to Decrease or Increase Replacement Window Size

Converting the size of the window is possible even though you already have the main frame on the wall. By understanding how to decrease or increase replacement window size, this work can be easier and faster to create a better appearance for your window.

Some homeowners usually change the size of the window when they are in doubt about the current one. It can be too big or too small. Window can affect the mood of the house, both interior and exterior. Therefore, changing the size should be good method to maximize the benefit.

Learning The Anatomy of Your Current Window

how to decrease or increase replacement window size

Before doing any replacement to your window, it is important to understand the anatomy of the window first. The window must have a rough opening. It is the part where it can be pushed out, or pulled in. The mainframe of the window installed on the wall is not counted.

The header of the window is the main frame that lays horizontally. It has a large part from the rough opening because it bears the load of wall. Meanwhile, the bottom frame of the window that will hold the load of rough opening is the sill of the window.

Another part of the window is the studs. They are the frames that are standing vertically at the edge and separate the rough opening and the window. The stud is in the middle of the window to separate each rough opening. The thickness depends on the type of the window.

The anatomy of the window is important to know because some parts may be removed, such as the sill, studs, and header. Smaller or larger windows, those removed parts can be replaced with the new ones to support the new window.

Replacement with Larger Size

Replacement with Larger Size

When you decide to make your window larger, it means you are going to replace the anatomy of the window itself. The header should be replaced, and you need space on the wall. How to decrease or increase replacement window size for a larger one is more complex.

Besides changing the anatomy, you have to remove some other parts nearby, such as electrical wires and plywood. The frame for the larger window is constructed with a new design. This work may take longer than replacing the window with a smaller size.

Replacement with a Smaller Size

Replacement with a Smaller Size

The change of structure for replacement into a smaller size is easier and simpler. You may not need to change the whole anatomy, such as the sill and the header. The old frame can be used again, as long as you change the rough opening using the new one.

For the previous opening, you may need to think about how to make it work. Decorations on the wall may look nicer, but the extra brick to cover needs some advanced ideas to make it look more flawless. Or else, you need to change the whole interior and exterior idea.

How to decrease or increase replacement window size will depend on your needs. Replacing it to the larger one needs a new construction, so it will not look bad. Meanwhile, the smaller one is easier without changing the anatomy of the window.

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