Porch Light Colors: What Do They Mean?

Porch Light Colors – You just drove around your neighborhood. Then you noticed something. Your neighbors have different porch lights.

Are the lights used for aesthetical purposes only? As it turns out, different light has different meanings. Here we will tell you the meaning of porch light colors.

Porch Light Colors: Their Meanings

What does a green porch light mean?

Porch Light Colors

For their bravery and sacrifice for our country, veterans deserve to be appreciated and honored. There are many ways to do so.

One of them is by putting up a green porch light on November 11th. Why green? Well, because it is the color that represents the US military camouflaged jackets.

November 11th is not the only time when you can honor veterans, of course. There is a campaign called “Greenlight A Vet” which uses the green porch light all year round to show appreciation and support for veterans.

Two other occasions where the green porch light is used are in March and in May.

In March, the green light is used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

In May, it has an entirely new meaning. During this month, green-lighted porches are meant to raise awareness for Lyme disease.

What does a blue porch light mean?

blue porch light mean

Like other porch color on the list, the meanings of a blue porch light depends on the context.

On one hand, it is used to raise awareness for autism. On the other, to show support and respect for police officers and their families.

In 18 December 2007, the UN General Assembly declared April 2nd as “World Autism Awareness Day”.

Blue is the chosen color for this. Not long after, an organization by the name of Autism Speaks started the “Light It Up Blue” movement.

The mission of this movement is to increase acceptance of people who have autism and create a community of compassion, kindness, and empathy for them.

The blue porch light is also used to send a message of support and respect for police officers as well as their families. After all, these men and women work hard to ensure the safety of communities.

What does a purple porch light mean?

different light has different meanings

Now you know what green and blue porch light colors mean. What about the purple porch light? What a purple porch light means depends on where you live.

In the US, the purple porch light is used to raise awareness for domestic violence and show support and solidarity for domestic violence victims.

When you turn your porch purple, you say “I support you. This home is a safe place where domestic violence is not tolerated” or something to that effect.

Some domestic violence victims also use the purple light to show that they were a domestic violence victim and that anyone can be a victim, too.

The use of the purple porch light for this cause started with the Purple Late Nights campaign, which was launched by the Domestic Violence Task Force back in 2007.

In the UK, many people turn their porch purple in March to raise awareness for epilepsy. The purple light is used to show support for people who suffer from the illness.

What does a red porch light mean?

red porch light mean

Of all the porch light colors, red is the one that has the most meanings. If you see a red porch light in February, it can mean two things.

First, it is to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Second, it is to raise awareness about heart health. If you see it in October, it is to celebrate Halloween.

It is also said that if a house has a red porch light, it means that the house is gun-free. This is proven to be just a rumor spread by a satirical website. It did, however, help to sell a lot of red lightbulbs.

Sometimes, a red porch light has no meaning at all. Some gardeners believe that the warm red color can help to grow plants on the porch and they use a red porch light for this.

So if you really want to know why your neighbor uses a red porch light, you have to ask them about it.

What does a blinking porch light mean?

blinking porch light meaning

Next, a blinking porch light. Unlike other porch light colors, the blinking porch light is not meant to show support or raise awareness for anything. Rather, it means an emergency.

If you see a blinking light in your neighbor’s porch, you might need to immediately rush in and ask your neighbor what is needed.

Alternatively, you can the local police station or the fire station to check on them.

A blinking porch light can be a real lifesaver. When the police, firefighter, or other emergency staff comes, they might not know immediately the location where their help is needed.

A blinking porch light can be used to show them where it is.

Do you have emergency porch lights? If you don’t have any yet, you should buy one. These lights will be very useful in case of an emergency, so you might want to consider buying them just in case.

What does a yellow porch light mean?

porch design ideas

Compared to other porch light colors, yellow is the least meaningful. It is not used to support a cause, raise awareness, or celebrate a holiday.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses, however. A yellow porch light is practical. How? Allow us to explain.

Firstly, a yellow light can be utilized to keep bugs away. The light makes the area warm and not too bright. This makes it hard for those bugs to detect the real light source.

Secondly, in regions with very cold weather, the yellow light is used to bring warmth.

Is that all? Apparently not. It has subconscious effects, too. It is said that a yellow porch light promotes brain function, creates optimism, and encourages communication and unity.

Of course, this makes it a good color to light up your porch with.


Now you know that porch light colors have different meanings. They are not just used to make a porch more appealing.

On some occasions, they are used to bring awareness to certain issues. For example, the red porch light is to raise awareness about women’s heart health, while blue is to raise awareness about Autism awareness. And so on.

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