15+ Modern TV Wall Mount Ideas For Your Best Room

TV Wall Mount Ideas – Modern wall mounts are an easy way to make your room look great. They help you conserve space and they’re a great way to show off your TV.

You can mount it on the wall or use a table-top stand, but whichever option you choose, these ideas for modern TV wall mounts will help you find the perfect one for any room in your home!

Modern TV Wall Mount Ideas

1. TV Wall Mount for Mid Century

TV Wall Mount for Mid Century

A mid-century modern living room should make use of furniture with simple edges.

This is not only a style preference, but it helps to keep the look clean and minimalistic.

The design in this living room also includes a TV set which has been mounted on the wall using a fixed TV wall mount that is as close as possible to eye level.

Once you place the TV onto these supports, adjusting its position for optimal viewing is ruled out. Therefore, a lot of planning needs to happen before installation begins.

You also need to make sure there is enough space between the wall and TV for cables to be securely installed behind it.

2. Elegant TV Wall Mount

Elegant TV Wall Mount

TV placement can be uncomfortable for the viewer. Consider placing the TV near your sitting position rather than too high on a wall or in a corner of your room, especially if you have to watch with an upwards gaze.

This will not only make viewing more comfortable; it can also prevent neck pain and stiffness later on.

To reduce clutter, install shelves and cabinets along the walls. Placing them on the floor will leave you without enough room to move around.

What kind of TV wall mount do you prefer? Or are you considering a simple tabletop option instead?

The best thing about these shelves is that you can use them to store books and your favorite glasses.

Plus, since the speakers are located on top of cabinets above the TV, you don’t have to install anything under it!

3. Black and White TV Wall Mount

Black and White TV Wall Mount

Wall-mounted TVs are suitable for minimalist furnishing setups, because they allow TVs to “float” seamlessly with any accompanying furniture.

One example is the space above where a floating TV table is accompanied by floating shelves, and a wall-mounted TV that floats right along with them.

The warmth and beauty in this living space are guaranteed to enchant you. The focal point is the TV that tie together with white shelves and black frame.

The plain brown wall will not look so boring if it was just a plain wall without any of the furnishings, but with the wall-mounted TV adding to it, you get a whole new vibe.

4. TV Wall Mount In a Bathroom

TV Wall Mount In a Bathroom

Another simple way to escape the stress of traffic is taking a relaxing bath.

Taking a bath can help ease your mind and body, which is why it’s important that you invest in a TV wall mount like this one.

This cozy white bathroom is a lovely place to get away from the hustle and bustle of most home interiors.

Though small and a bit cramped, there are still plenty of features worth noting, such as the TV mounted on the wall.

5. Extremely Simple Black on Gray

wall-mounted LG LED TV

Living rooms with monochromatic color schemes are already visually stunning.

One of the best ways to enjoy a room like this is with few pieces of furniture and decorations, letting the space speak for itself.

In this living room, the main focal point is a wall-mounted LG LED TV.

The simple gray couch and few other items are nondescript except for their lack of clutter.

6. Modern Style with A Rustic Touch

modern and rustic wall mount

TV wall mounts typically have clean edges and sleek design, giving a modern feel, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be compatible with the rustic look.

In this living room, the flat LED TV is mounted in front of a large window.

The wooden board on the black table grabs your attention and immediately puts it in focus with its old-fashioned detail.

This arrangement lends itself well to cable management as well; because both are up high, they’re less noticeable than if they were lying low on the floor.

7. Wall-Mounted TV with Black Racks

Wall-Mounted TV with Black Racks

Wall-mounted TVs are simple by design, so you don’t need complicated objects to decorate them.

Simple racks or holding the clutter in one place can be an effective decoration.

Above the two black racks, this TV is mounted flush against the wall with a clean and organized look.

It also offers convenience with small devices like DVD players and game consoles on the shelves below.

Storage cabinets are beneficial because the higher shelves allow for taller items to be stored and yet, they still keep your eye level around at a perfect height in order for you to easily grab what is on top.

8. Warm and Cheer The Room Up

fireplace or TV in the living room

Many people are unsure whether they should install a fireplace or TV in the living room as the focal point.

With the fire and TV installed right next to each other, either will be damaged by any nearby flames or smoke.

The answer is simple! If you’ve got a fireplace, it might need to be replaced with an electric one.

An electric fireplace will warm up your room without risking overheating the TV due to infrequent heat production (less than 5,000 BTU’s).

The above picture is a great example of how to use your TV and fireplace as focal points in the living room.

9. TV Wall Mount for Farmhouse Style

TV Wall Mount for Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style homes typically like to incorporate a rustic look in their furnishings, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to invest in new entertainment – TV wall mounts can be timeless too.

The TV wall mount looks great with the rustic furniture because the cabinet and shelves have a distressed look.

Above it is a wisdom quote from the Bible that elegantly embellishes the TV well.

10. TV Wall Mount with Hidden Shelves

TV Wall Mount with Hidden Shelves

To make room for books, CDs, and knick-knacks in your bedroom, you can install a hidden shelf behind your TV.

This bedroom appears to be small, but that is not all. The TV hangs on the wall and hides the mess of wires it brings with it (or at least, places them out of sight).

11. Bold and Artistic

backdrop for your TV wall mount

There are countless things you can do to make an artistic backdrop for your TV wall mount, but the most important thing is not to step on its toes or overshadow it.

This sleek TV wall mount features a black matte panel on the back side while two Buddha sculptures offset nicely at each edge of the table.

The television comedically has created a well-positioned gate to your view with its 2 front facing stereo speakers.

12. TV Wall Mount with Back Panel

TV Wall Mount with DIY Back Panel

One of the most inexpensive ways to make your TV wall mount seem more appealing is by installing a back panel.

There are various types of back panels available in stores or supermarkets nearby, but they can be expensive.

So, making a DIY back panel will end up being your best option.

This back panel can be made from leftovers and installed on the wall. You only need to find some wood planks and install them on the wall, so there is no need for complex cutting.

13. A Perfect Focal Point

flat screen TV and electric fireplace

A flat screen TV and electric fireplace are the perfect focal points in your living room.

They complement each other and create a relaxing ambiance that makes any space an awesome place to hang out with your family.

14. Simple yet Luxurious TV Wall Mount

TV mounted on a luxurious wall

This comfy living room is very straightforward and delightful. And the TV mounted on a luxurious wall looks amazing.

Even though there are no decorations except for the TV and some plants on the picnic table, it still makes everything appear beautiful.

This TV frame is a subtle white and the wall behind it is also white.

Formatting text for clarity: This TV has a steel frame with a black door, which stands out against the whitewashed brick of this room.

15. TV Wall Mount Over The Bed

TV Wall Mount Over The Bed

Imagine enjoying your favorite TV program while lying in bed with the right wall mount for a perfect viewing experience.

You can do this by adding some brackets to lengthen it and turn it into an amazing TV mounting idea.

16. Corner Wall Mount TV

DIY Corner Wall Mount TV

If space is limited, install the TV at a corner of your bedroom. It will take up less space than other installations but allow you to enjoy your television more.


You have a lot of different options for mounting your television. It’s important to take into account the size, shape and surface type when determining where best to place it in order to create an aesthetically pleasing space that maximizes functionality as well.

Once you know what will work best with your home décor, you can begin to explore the various wall mounts available.

The above are just a few of the many modern TV mount ideas for your best room that will create an enjoyable viewing experience.

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