Metal Buildings with Living Quarters: Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal buildings with living quarters are not a new concept. Metal building technology has been around for decades, and many companies have utilized it to construct their metal warehouses, custom metal storage sheds, and more.

The manufacturing of these structures is based on modular design principles which makes them easy to transport and assemble.

Their versatility allows you to use them as a combination office space/warehouse or as an apartment complex or residential development in the heart of the city.

They also work great for recreational vehicles such as motorhomes and trailers (park models).

Here are 10 metal buildings with living quarters displays that are in today’s article. It is going to be interesting, so make sure you don’t miss anything.

Metal Buildings with Living Quarters

To find out what each has to offer, it’s important to compare the advantages and disadvantages of a metal building with living quarters. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Metal buildings are remarkably durable, able to withstand strong winds.
  • Metal is a durable material that can be recycled and reused with no loss of strength.
  • Metal buildings usually don’t require a lot of time for construction – once the structure is designed and finalized, the assembly process shouldn’t take long.
  • Compared to other materials, metal is the most efficient building material in terms of energy usage.
  • Metal buildings, being durable and flexible, can be remodeled to any shape with only some additional panels.
  • Metal is durable and versatile, which can be an asset for many construction projects. Add in the living quarters option, and you have a building that suits your needs perfectly.


  • Building with metal features the risk of mold colonies that form due to moisture. The high cost in maintenance goes hand-in-hand with these risks and can lead to more money spent on reinforcing or covering damp, cold spaces.
  • If you’re accustomed to living in regular homes, moving into a metal building may be uncomfortable because it is built differently than what you are used to.
  • If you have a metal allergy, it can be more difficult to live in a metal building.
  • The high cost of materials and labor makes metal buildings a luxury purchase.

After reading about the advantages and disadvantages of metal buildings, now is the time to look at these ideas.

#1. Metal Building with Outdoor Living Room

Metal Building with Outdoor Living Room

Having outdoor living room during the time we had a spacious backyard was intriguing.

It wouldn’t matter what season it is so as to enjoy entertaining guests indoors, but with the wide, vacant space in our yard, an outside living room would be much more unique and fun if they brought their own chairs

From outdoor living room to a more dark and grey feeling, these buildings are primarily made up of metal , but they also incorporate wood as well.

#2. Metal Building with Living Quarters and Terrace

Metal Building with Terrace

This is a two-story metal building with living quarters. The owners live on both levels and there’s a nice balcony at the lower level. There is also outdoor dining for two people.

The owners elegantly combine two colors of red wine and gray for the exterior finishes.

Though a few windows have been installed here, fresh air is exchanged exclusively through the many large glass panes.

#3. Man Cave with Upstairs Living Quarters

Man Cave with Upstairs Living Quarters

This two-story metal building is intended to function as both a work and living space. The lower floor contains the workspace, while the second level houses the primary residence.

Connected by an external metal staircase, these two levels are joined via a large balcony located on the upper level.

Obviously, metal won’t be able to hold up an entire building. It is only natural then that we would ask for white bricks and other sturdy materials as the construction base.

You may also want to consider the amount of windows these buildings have. It makes sense, as metal often absorbs heat well.

#4. Natural Style Metal Building

Classic metal building

This natural looking metal building is an example of how to build a living space without destroying the setting.

The base of this metal building doubles as a porch, providing an excellent view for nature lovers.

This building’s downside, however, is that it looks fragile due to its original steel grey color and thin-looking structure which could be crushed in extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or hail.

#5. Metal Building with Two Garage Doors

Metal Building with Two Garage Doors

A garage is not something we would normally see with a white facade. But, it happened in this case because someone wanted to make the building multifunctional for maximum use.

The stand-alone building has a clean look with two large white doors that indicate the garage entrance and then cold be used as quarters than can easily fit an entire family on little amounts of space.

#6. Living Quarter in Metal Building with Pool

Metal Building with Pool

One of the benefits offered by metal buildings is that they can be designed to include living quarters.

This home has two floors that are painted in a dark red tone and also have large sliding windows installed on the second floor before the balcony so you can enjoy having a spectacular view of the swimming pool while standing dry.

#7. Metal Building with Living Quarter and Balcony

Metal Building with Balcony

As you can see in the picture, the building has 2 stories with a balcony on the upper floor.

It also has a lot of windows installed on both floors surrounded by shady trees, making it convenient to be there.

#8. Rustic Metal Building with Living Quarters

Rustic Metal Building with Living Quarters

After paint colors, trends in metal building design can include texture. It might be possible to create a rustic

appearance using color combinations of blue-grey and brown on the walls with lattice around windows.

This metal building also has a swimming pool like the previous example, though the pool is on closer to and easy access for people staying in this metal building.

To avoid getting splashed by water, it’s best to stay away from any puddles that have formed. If you are unfortunate enough to get hit with a water stain such as these, then the only option is to get rid of the marks!

#9. Metal Building Joined by Wood

Metal Building Design

Have you seen metal buildings with wood at their base and metal poles for the roof? This example uses stones as a prop, but it is still made of steel when all is said and done.

One thing that will fascinate you about this house is its location on top of a hill, visible from the slope behind it. The natural surroundings remind people of villas in mountain areas.

#10. Modern Metal Barndominium Design

Modern Metal Barndominium Design Ideas

This last example shows a metal building with living quarters. The roof has an asymmetric shape and the sturdy white walls make it stand out in a housing complex.

Despite appearances, this building is actually designed to be a detached living quarters. The dark red exterior paint color blends nicely with the fence beside it, while various tropical plants in front of it add some visual appeal.


Metal bildings with living quarters are a good idea for people who want to live in the countryside or on top of hills.

They offer many benefits such as being more energy efficient and durable than wood buildings because they can withstand harsh weather conditions, which only leaves metal building owners worrying about how to keep their homes clean.

The main drawback is that these houses cost more upfront, but this expense will be worth it when you consider how much longer your home will last without needing repairs.

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