13+ Unique Living Room Designs Indian Style

Living Room Designs Indian Style – A living room is the heart of the home. It’s where families spend time together, friends come over to chat, and guests have conversations.

So it’s important that your living room has a design that suits you, your family and visitors.

For inspiration on how to decorate an Indian style living room with its own unique personality, take a look at these 13 pictures below!

Best Living Room Designs Indian Style

#1. Exotic Elegance Indian Living Room

Exotic Elegance Indian Living Room

Two giant pillars are enough to have everyone agree that this living room is Indian in style. Other elements like the colors and textures make anyone sitting there feel as if they’ve been transported to India.

In this picture, there is so much to mention. One feature of particular note include the arched doorway, Moorish pattern rug, and leather ottoman that serves as not only a decorative item but also a functional table.

Gray walls with floral accents create a striking contrast along with rich colors surrounding the room.

#2. Indian Style Hall Interior Design

Indian Style Hall Interior Design

This living room hall has the Indian touch with a noticeable yellowish light emanating from overhanging lighting and colors of browns, creams and patterned curtains.

While the focal point of this living room is a big brass bowl beside the coffee table, it also has an intricate design on its ceiling.

#3. Modern Indian Living Room Ideas

Modern Indian Living Room Ideas

This living room has an Indian style because of the use of rich and bold colors.

For example, the owners used brown, deep red, and orange-colored pillows in their living room to achieve this look.

With brown being the main shade, this is obvious in everything from the rug to the wall.

Accent décor in this living room are red and orange. The throw pillows, table lamp shades, wall displays have these colors with lively patterns from the cushions.

#4. Living Room in Small Indian Homes

Living Room in Small Indian Homes

The use of a traditional daybed is never a bad idea. For instance, the image suggests this by showing that it’s complemented by an Indian touch through the bold and rich colors.

The couches that separate the daybed from the divan also have a traditional appeal. The dividers are at a low height, and adopt Indian patterns.

#5. Handcrafted Furniture in Indian Style

Handcrafted Furniture in Indian Style

In Indian style, handcrafted furniture adds a rich texture to the room.

To give your living room an Indian touch, include some handmade pieces in it—like the coffee table pictured above.

Use exotic timbers to give your living room an authentic look. For example, use ebony, rosewood, and teak wood when designing the furniture.

Wood with an earthy color and unique texture will go well in a rustic or traditional design as it provides solid quality.

Accent cushions can be anything from bright colors to patterns to geometric shapes.

#6. Living Room with Showcasing Wall

Living Room with Showcasing Wall

Clay Brown is still the top choice for Indian themed living rooms. Mount some art that has a mix of colors, like in this picture, for some additional points.

#7. Contemporary Indian Style Living Room

Contemporary Indian Style Living Room

The Indian influence is unmistakable in this room. From the colors and decoration to the exotic artwork, hints of India are prevalent everywhere you look.

These living room designs Indian style show a little example of how a throw pillow can be incorporated in colorful, dynamic ways.

Other examples include colorful window design next to the couch as well as red accent wall near the television.

What is interesting about this home decorating style is that it has an open concept, so that you can see the dining area from across the room.

With an open design like this, your living space feels very well-connected with everyone else’s.

#8. Indian Home Decor Ideas

Indian Home Decor Ideas

This living room features a touch of India in the decoration on the wall.

It is best found on the large square art across from the TV which comes in a combination of yellow, orange, and red colors.

The natural stone accent wall located behind the couch is a significant feature because it’s composed of colorful bricks.

#9. Traditional Indian Living Room

Traditional Indian Living Room

This room has so many intricate details. Firstly, its interior design is traditional and not simple. But that’s no problem because Indian style isn’t always simple either.

Secondly, there are certain types of decorations and furnishings in the space that read “Indian.”

Thirdly, this doesn’t just refer to interior design as lighting, colors, and other elements also contribute to the style.

The colors in the living room are a dull yellow rather than pure white, and they’ve got space for anything from flash mobs to quiet get-togethers.

#10. Artistic Indian Living Room

Artistic Indian Living Room

As the primary entrance to homes, a living room should be welcoming to guests. It is filled with art.

Apart from the main light in the middle of the room, there are also some auxiliary tables lights.

#11. Ethnic Decoration in Luxurious Indian Living Room

Ethnic Decoration in Luxurious Indian Living Room

This part of the Indian living room design is important because of the furniture.

It features a pattern that represents traditional color schemes, but also draws from modernized patterns.

The circular lights, the paintings on the wall that are related to Hinduism, and other features of this living room make it seem like an open cheat sheet for filling your Indian-style home.

#12. Tropical Indian Living Room

Tropical Indian Living Room

A fusion of Indian style and a tropical vibe could actually be quite interesting.

Even though the palm trees are typically prevalent in places with more tropical climates, they would still work well within an Indian decor surrounded by colorful textiles and other features like metal artwork.

In general, they provide the appearance of class and wealth. This is because traditional Kashmir carpets that adorn their flooring exude a luxurious aesthetic appeal.

Both are effective to the degree they complement each other and work towards making one feel comfortable as time passes by.

#13. Simple Interior Design

Simple Interior Design

This living room is defined as Indian by two essential features: the yellow walls and the sculptures.

Along with these, there are also other elements to add more character – in this case, throw pillows in bold tones and a brown sofa implying a perfect harmony of Indian style.

#14. Red Living Room Indian Style

Red Living Room Indian Style

This modern Indian living room is decorated with rustic decor, a red painted wall and innovative design.

Meanwhile, the animal head displays, photo frames and patterned curtains make it look classically designed.

The red leather sofa is in accordance with the colors of typical Indianism while the cowhide rug gives that charming touch to a level up design.


The two most important features of Indian living rooms are the yellow walls and sculptures.

Along with these, there are also other elements to add more character – in this case, throw pillows in bold tones and a brown sofa implying a perfect harmony of Indian style.

It is better to be inspired by any one aspect rather than try to copy the decorations of a completely different style.

What’s your favorite living room design? Share below in the comments!

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