10 Amazing Barndominium Floor Plans For Your Best Home

Barndominium floor plans are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while still having a cozy place inside. These homes take your living space and stretch it out into the fresh air, giving you more room to enjoy life.

They’re also a great alternative for those who don’t want to live in traditional homes with all of their upkeep.

In this blog post, we will be discussing 10 amazing barndominium floor plans that will make your best home dreams come true!

What You Can Do In a Barndominium

You might be wondering why someone would live in a barn. It’s not like it is only used to store grain and keep horses or cattle.

This barndominium is actually very clean despite the name. If you are going to build a house, then you should consider building a barndominium too because they can offer many benefits.

Barndominiums are versatile, just like many other buildings. You could use it as a villa, where you can spend your holiday with your family when not running a rustic restaurant or minimarket.

What to Consider Before Building a Barndominium

Building a barn-style house seems like a great idea, but if you’re considering it, there are some factors that need to be considered before proceeding with the project.

It is worth the effort though–a fully-fledge barndominium will soon become yours.

Simply pouring a foundation for your new home or remodeling an existing one is not going to cut it.

It may seem like you’ve covered all the bases, but keep in mind that even if you have a barn that needs transforming into a modern and beautiful barndominium, prepare to spend countless days of hard work.

If you are remodeling a barn to make into a barndominium, the first thing you need to do is remove the dirty floor.

You can raise the floor by several inches so that it will be easier to access and then remove dirt below using jackhammers. Once this has been completed, begin work on pouring cement for an appropriate foundation.

In order to build a two-story barn, replace the old roof, and rebuild damaged frames, you may need to reinforce the frame.

Like any other houses, barndominiums are available in various kinds of styles.

If you still have no idea what kind of barndominium that suits your needs very well, here are some barndominium floor plans to help find the house that’ll work best for you.

Amazing Barndominium Floor Plans

#1. Barndominium with 4 Bedrooms and an Office

Amazing Barndominium Floor Plans

Working from home allows you to be with your family longer. To do this, build an office in the house so that you can work productively while at home with loved ones.

This barndominium floor plan is perfect for you and your big family; featuring a master bedroom and 3 other bedrooms, this floor plan allows the kids to sleep in their own space.

#2. Barndominium Floor Plan with Deck

Barndominium Floor Plan with Deck and Balcony

Building a barn-style home does not limit you to traditional decorating – it can also be decorative.

This barndominium has a balcony and deck, perfect for outdoor relaxation by the pond or forest scenery. Add some chairs or plants and revel in your new outside space!

One of the most popular features of a barn home floor plan is an open layout. You can step in and find a sizable living room that blends with the kitchen and dining areas.

However, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable with an open-kitchen style such as this, installation of a movable room divider is another option.

One of the wonderful things about this barndominium is the lower level has a storage room. The storage room doesn’t have any windows and will help prevent any moisture building up.

#3. Three Bedroom and 2 Bathroom

Three Bedroom and 2 Bathroom

The barndominium is very versatile. Regardless of your needs, you can have a comfortable place to live with plenty of additional space for activity.

The floorplan of this property includes a master bedroom, two guest bedrooms, and a bathroom.

This barndominium has a spacious living room, you can use to have family time while enjoying your favorite TV show and an open kitchen.

On the other end of your house is a huge room that you can use for running your own business, but if you’re not going to have one then it’s just waiting for something else such as storage.

#4. Elegant Barndominium

Elegant Barndominium Design

A barn can be so elegant if you build and design it meticulously. This barn one master bedroom which is very spacious.

It features a large bathroom that accommodates both bath tub and shower that help you invigorate yourself as well as making sure to spoil yourself just a little bit.

The two bedrooms beside the master bedroom are perfect for kids and guests. One bedroom can fit two beds, while the other accommodates one bed.

The room with only one bed is next to a work area where you can get some work done or read peacefully.

The barndominium’s living room is integrated with the kitchen to minimize distractions.

With a built-in entertainment center, guests have plenty of activities to enjoy while you prepare dinner.

#5. Barndominium Floor Plans for More Rooms

barndominium floor plans for more rooms

This floor plan will provide more rooms for your expanding family.

The study room at the corner of the house ensures that you will stay focused on your work without getting distracted by any noisemakers in the family room.

This barndominium also features a pantry room with ample storage and shelving for the kitchenware.

#6. Barndominium Floor Plan with Patio

barndominium floor plans

Who says you can’t have a clean barndominium? You won’t believe what your barn can turn to be when it has been remodeled as a barndominium.

For those who like a covered patio, this barndominium offers that opportunity.

With the porch in back of the living room and dining room, you can take your tea from the kitchen while sitting on one of its comfortable chairs.

This barndominium also allows three cars to be parked in the garage. You can store equipment behind the garage, and use the study room for maximum comfort.

#7. 4 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms

Fantastic 4 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms

Four bedrooms are included in the barndominium, including one master bedroom and three smaller bedrooms that are situated next to each other.

In this way, parents can keep an eye on their kids without being far away.

Both bathrooms are located in the middle on opposite sides of the house, but can only be accessed from their respective bedrooms.

#8. Barndominium with 3 Bedrooms and A Deck

Barndominium with 3 Bedrooms and A Deck

The barndominium is the simplest floor plan with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a deck.

The bathrooms are built on the same spot, but with a wall separating them.

One bathroom can be accessed from the master bedroom and one bathroom can be accessed from the corridor that leads to the smallest bedroom.

In this barndominium, you’ll find a sky-lit living space with expansive views of the woods and a deck to sit and relax when you want to catch some fresh air.

#9. Cozy Barndominium Floor Plan

Cozy Barndominium Floor Plan

If you are not into to living in such a huge house, this barndominium floor plan may be right for you.

This home comes complete with three bedrooms – one of which is a master bedroom – as well as two smaller bathrooms.

Families typically find space for their spaces such as the kitchen, dining area, and family room all in one area.

Open kitchens are a popular installation among barndominiums just like this one. Families can always add partitions to provide more privacy for these areas if they prefer it that way.

#10. Amazing Barndominium with Game Room

Barndominium with Game Room

A barndominium is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. This unit has three garage stalls, a mud room and plenty of patio space to enjoy your favorite pastimes.

A barndominium can pack a lot of entertainment into one space. You’ll be able to sit back and relax after a long day with a cup of tea or coffee in the covered porch or patio, especially if you have chairs for your guests.

For more outgoing types, there is also a game room that will let you blow off steam.


Barndominium floor plans is a modern take on the traditional home.

The look of this design lends itself to both living in and out, showcasing rolling hillsides or pastoral woods as you walk through your new dwelling space.

Revel in nature while still enjoying all the conveniences that come with city life!

Barndominiums are perfect for those who want something more rural-style without leaving their backyard at nightfall each day.

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